Puff the Magic Dragon

Lots of people believe in magic of some sort: ghosts (check the statistics on this), the supernatural, aliens (maybe not the same as magic), the magic of sleight-of-hand—even as adults we often can't figure out how a trick is done. I always believed that we humans are more than we appear, that hidden inside us are wondrous abilities, indeed, magical abilities.

We all have the power to view the world in magical ways. Artists create images, sculpture, performance, music, and stories through which they share their magical vision with others.

Perhaps we have forgotten the power of believing. Sometimes reminders of our own magic come from unexpected places.

My daughter and three-year-old granddaughter stayed with my husband and me for six weeks while my daughter, an actor, performed for Atlantic Stage here in Myrtle Beach. While they were here, I learned something about magic.

Since my daughter worked most nights I put granddaughter to bed. t so, and two bedtime songs. Needless to say, I quickly ran out of songs.

One song became her favorite: “Puff the Magic Dragon.” I printed out the lyrics because I didn't remember them. But something was missing from the story. Remember: Jackie Paper stopped believing in Puff, so Puff didn't come play with him. It was too sad. Children believe in magical things. So I added another verse:

If you believe in magic and miss that rascal Puff

Then he will come visit you if you believe enough.

Just say his name out loud and he'll come out his cave

And be your friend forever and never, ever leave.

After I had sung the song a thousand times, I discovered something. I found truth, which could also be called magic.

We writers must believe in our own magic: our ability to tell stories. The magic only happens when we believe we can do it, and we take time to pursue the dream.

My wish for all you writers: let the dragon into your lives. Believe in yourselves and your power to create. Learn your craft, network, write, revise and submit.

There are many magical moments in this year's Petigru Review. Thanks to all who submitted and shared their magic with the world. It is available on Amazon.

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Ginny Padgett said...

Tibby, thanks for a great post and photo. TPR looks great and is a good read this year. Many thanks to your mighty effort.

Thanks, too, for reminding us we only make the magic happen if we believe in the magic.

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