SCWW Speaker’s Bureau

By Brenda Remmes

SCWW is in the process of developing a Speaker’s Bureau so that we can present free local workshops in communities around South Carolina. If there is a particular topic that pertains to writing that you’d like to hear more about, please let us know. If there is a particular speaker you think would be good, we want to know their name.

Our goal is to present several two-hour workshops in different locations during the 2012 year. We hope that additional exposure will showcase the many talents within our organization and encourage others throughout the state to pursue their dreams of writing.

Please send ideas for topics and suggestions for speakers to Brenda Remmes at

Alignment of SCWW Dues with Calendar Year

Recycling is a good thing for aluminum cans and cardboard. I hope that applies to SCWW treasurers and membership chairmen too.

While I was off building my house, the SCWW board voted to align SCWW memberships with the calendar year (rather than expire on anniversary dates) and to increase the dues a tiny amount to $52.00 per year (or $1.00 per week), the first increase in many years. The primary reason is avoiding the confusion that arises with submission deadlines and conference registration. For example, if The Petigru Review submission period is March 1 through April 30, what happens if a membership expires April 1? Another benefit is that collection of dues early in the year makes it easier in February to budget activities for the rest of the year. It’s more work for the membership chairman (me) this year but should simplify things in the future.
How will SCWW accomplish this alignment?

Before your SCWW membership expires in 2012, the membership chairman will email you with the prorated amount (at $1.00 per week) that you owe for dues from your expiration date through the end of the year. For example, if your dues expire April 1, 2012, then you have already paid for a quarter of 2012. The bill for the other 39 weeks of calendar year 2012 will be $39.00. Then for 2013 everyone will know that dues are due at the beginning of the year ($52.00 on January 1, 2013). Because the website has only the single PayPal option of a full year, mailing a check will be the easiest for prorated dues. The address is
SCWW Membership
4840 Forest Dr., Suite 6B
PMB 189
Columbia, SC 29206

We encourage you to save a stamp and pay for a year (2013) and a fraction (2012) in a single check.

New members will pay the yearly rate ($52.00) when they join and will then be billed the prorated amount at their first renewal.
The conference registration fee for non-members will be $100.00 more than for members. For this extra fee (approximately twice the regular dues), non-members will have paid a membership for the remainder of the current year plus all of following year.

If the membership chairman ( didn’t explain this well, you can ask the treasurer ( clarification.

Another writing contest

Writing Contest - ck this link out!

March Contests

Screenplay Analysis Schedule

Screenplays submitted early will receive their analysis as follows:

All analyses will be returned by March 1, 2012.

Prizes: Winner receives $10,000, with four finalists receiving $2,000 each.

The best screenplay from the UK will be awarded the Cordelia Award and will receive $1,000.

The best screenplay from outside the USA, Canada and the UK will be awarded the Joplin Award and will receive $1,000.

Every entrant who submits by August 1st is eligible for our Title contest, where three scripts will be awarded $250, as voted on by current BlueCat entrants.

One writer will be awarded a live, staged reading with professional local actors at Screenplay Live in Rochester, New York, as part of the 360|365 George Eastman House Film Festival. The prize includes travel, hotel and a $250 stipend.

Check complete rules to ensure your submission is eligible.

Contest Feb deadline!

Calling all indie book authors and publishers - including small presses, mid-size independent publishers, university presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors.

Entries are now being accepted for the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (the "Indie Book Awards"), the most exciting and rewarding book awards program open to independent publishers and authors worldwide who have a book written in English and released in 2011 or 2012 or with a 2011 or 2012 copyright date. The Indie Book Awards is presented by Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (

With 60 categories to choose from, enter by February 24, 2012 (all books must be received in our offices by February 24, 2012) to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to have your book considered for cash prizes, awards, exposure, possible representation by a leading literary agent, and recognition as one of the top independently published books of the year!

Awards given to the Finalists and Winners of the 2012 Indie Book Awards are:

· $1,500 Cash Prize and trophy awarded to the best Fiction Book

· $1,500 Cash Prize and trophy awarded to the best Non-Fiction Book

· $750 Cash Prize and trophy awarded to the second best Fiction Book

· $750 Cash Prize and trophy awarded to the second best Non-Fiction Book

· $500 Cash Prize and trophy awarded to the third best Fiction Book

· $500 Cash Prize and trophy awarded to the third best Non-Fiction Book

· $250 Cash Prize and trophy awarded to the Best Design Book entry

· $100 Cash Prize and a Gold Medal awarded to the winner of each of the 60 categories

· Finalist Medals will be awarded to up to three finalists in each of the 60 categories

Click here to find out what else the Finalists and Winners of the 2012 Indie Book Awards will receive.

Ck out this writing contest...see me for details (my old group!)

Publishers seeking material

Incentive Publications, Inc. publishes teacher resource materials.
We publish no fiction. If you have a manuscript that you think
would be suitable for our needs, you may send: a letter of
introduction; a table of contents; a sample chapter; and a self-
addressed stamped envelope. If you would like your materials
returned to you, please include an envelope large enough to hold
the materials and with sufficient return postage. We make every
effort to reply within 6-8 weeks.


If you have an idea for a book, we'd like to hear about it. At
Gryphon House, our goal is to publish books that help teachers
and parents enrich the lives of children from birth through age
eight. We strive to make our books useful for teachers at all
levels of experience, as well as for parents, caregivers, and
anyone interested in working with children.

For Teachers!

We are proud to publish materials that have been written by
credentialed professionals and successfully used in the classroom.
When submitting a resource, please follow these guidelines:

10 to 12 sample pages (minimum)
A tentative outline or table of contents
A one page summary describing the intended audience, content,
and objectives of your manuscript
A self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage if you would
like your material returned

Mail the above items to:

Teacher Created Materials
P.O. Box 1040
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Freelance Markets

There are many opportunities with our company for educators
to author lessons and other teacher/student materials. If
interested, please contact us at to receive a
relevant writing sample test. Note that it is essential that
our authors be knowledgeable in current educational trends, and
expertise in a particular content area (especially science,
mathematics, and social studies) is a plus. Prior editorial/
writing experience is also a plus.


Location New Rochelle, NY
The College of New Rochelle Office of College Relations seeks
an experienced web writer on a freelance basis for a short term
project revitalizing the College website. In this role, you will
work closely with the Manager of Web Communications to develop
sitemaps and create and edit copy for the site.

Grants for Creative Arts

Creative Capital, a national nonprofit organization that provides
integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing
adventurous projects, has announced guidelines and the
application schedule for its 2012 grant cycle. This year's
program is open to artists working in emerging fields, literature,
and performing arts. Emerging fields may include architecture/
design, digital arts, gaming, interdisciplinary, new genres,
and sound art. Literature may include fiction, genre-defying
literary work, nonfiction, and poetry. Performing arts is
focused on the live performing arts and may include dance, dance-
theater, experimental music performance, interdisciplinary,
multimedia performance, music-theater, non-traditional opera,
performance art, puppetry, spoken word and theater. Deadline
March 1, 2012.

New Writing Grants

Four six-week residencies which include a stipend and supply
budget are to be offered between September 2012 and April
2013. The deadline for submissions is May 18, 2012. Ebb &
Flow is a 6-week residency based on the premise that Southern
Louisiana can be seen as a microcosm of the global environment,
manifesting both the challenges and possibilities inherent in
human interaction with urban and natural ecosystems. We ask
artists to describe in detail how the region will affect their
work, to propose a public component to their residency and to
suggest ways in which they will engage with the local
community. Residents given $3,000 stipend and $2,000 for
materials, plus full room and board including food, utilities
and studio space. $30 application fee.


Operating in a three-phased structure, the Program provides
a salaried position for up to one year and offers hands-on
experience writing spec scripts and pitching story ideas in
both live action and animation television. This three-phased
structure allows writers an opportunity to nurture
relationships with creators, network executives, line
producers, head writers, show runners and story editors.
Although professional writing experience is not necessary
(i.e. having worked as a writer), a strong writing background
is encouraged. Deadline February 28, 2012.

Writing Contest

Deadline May 1, 2012. Seven categories:

1-Novel - prize $7,500. Entry fee $40 for novels under
100,000 words, $75 for novels up to 175,000 words, and
$125 for novels over 175,000 words. Novels over 225,000
words must pay $200.

2-Novella - prize $2,500. $35 entry fee.

3-Novel-in-progress - prize $2,000. Limit 12,500 words
and a one-page synopsis. $35 entry fee.

4-Short Story - prize $1,500. Fiction no more than 10,000
words. $30 entry fee.

5-Essay - prize $1,000. Limit 2,500 words. $30 entry fee.

6-Poetry - prize $750. Limit 750 words. $25 entry fee.

7-Short story by a high school student - prize $750 for
student and $250 for sponsor teacher. Limit 5,000 words.
Entry fee $10 paid by school or teacher.

More Contests

Topic: Climate Change - for adults and children. Deadline
March 31, 2012. Copyright of each poem remains with the
author, but Awel Aman Tawe has the unrestricted right to
publish the winning poems in an anthology, on its website,
and on related material for PR purposes. Awel Aman Tawe is
a community energy charity (charity no: 1114492 ) committed
to tackling climate change.

Adult prizes for each language:
1st £500, 2nd £100, 3rd £50

Children's prizes for each language:
1st £50, 2nd £30, 3rd £20


Deadline May 1, 2012. Seven categories:

1-Novel - prize $7,500. Entry fee $40 for novels under
100,000 words, $75 for novels up to 175,000 words, and
$125 for novels over 175,000 words. Novels over 225,000
words must pay $200.

2-Novella - prize $2,500. $35 entry fee.

3-Novel-in-progress - prize $2,000. Limit 12,500 words
and a one-page synopsis. $35 entry fee.

4-Short Story - prize $1,500. Fiction no more than 10,000
words. $30 entry fee.

More Contests

We define an "emerging writer" as someone who has yet to
publish a book, including chapbooks, eBooks, and self-published
works. Deadline April 2, 2012 (received by noon). Submit 3-5
poems. Fiction or nonfiction should be under 5,000 words.
Writers are allowed to submit only one entry to the contest
per year. The winning story, essay and poems will be published
in the Winter 2012-13 issue of Ploughshares.


Adults: £3 per poem or 4 for £10
Children: £1 per poem or 4 for £3
(PayPal makes the currency conversion)

Contests for Feb-March


11th annual free contest. Fifteen cash prizes totaling $3,600.
Top prize $1,500. Submit one humor poem by April 1 deadline.
No entry fee. All entries that win cash prizes will be published
on (over one million page views per year) and
announced in the Winning Writers Newsletter, with over 40,000
subscribers. Final judge: Jendi Reiter.

Sponsored by Winning Writers, one of the "101 Best Websites for
Writers" (Writer's Digest, 2005-2011). Guidelines and online
submission at

Twitter use by SCWW


When I graduated from high school, high tech consisted of electric typewriters. We had only one electric in a classroom with 24 manual Royal typewriters. The teacher allowed only the “good” typists to use it. I was not a good typist; in fact, I ranked near the bottom of the class because I made so many errors. Erasing those typos and keying over them made my papers look like patchwork hieroglyphics. No one seemed concerned about my lack of progress, however. I was one of only a few boys in the class and most everyone wondered why I had taken a girls’ class anyway.

I thought back on that situation as I considered the election of officers and our discussions during our recent board meeting. I’d almost bet that some of the writers attending workshops at the seventeen plus chapters across the state are still using typewriters. If you are, I applaud you. I gave up on those things many years ago. I now have a PC, laptop, and keyboard Kindle. When I make a mistake, a single keystroke will usually make it right. I’d also bet my typing teacher, Mrs. Hanna, would be amazed that I have been elected secretary of SCWW.

A major theme of our meeting concerned our use of technology. While there will always be books, most of our information now comes to us via digital displays. If one produces an eBook and it’s never printed on paper … but I diverge.

There seemed to be universal agreement that we as a group need to be more proficient in our use of technology, especially the big three: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Oh yes, YouTube and Skype.

Twitter became my assignment because during the meeting, I was na├»ve enough to admit I already had an account. However, this tasking caused me to look more closely and the more I become involved in Twitter, the more I realize the magnitude of its potential. I now truly believe the possibilities available in proper use of Twitter are beyond what most of us might imagine. Certainly, it offers us an easy and immediate method for keeping all members in the state informed, but that’s just the beginning. Imagine announcing a conference, book festival, or the publication of a new novel to literally thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people with one tweet. Imagine continual contact and interaction between SCWW and major publishers, agents, and editors. All this and more can happen.

But first- you knew there was a but- our members must become tweeters. Once signed on at Twitter, search for scwwsecretary and “follow” it. That way you should receive any tweets we send out. A few tweets have already been sent and more will follow. If you wish to have a message tweeted to all members, send it to

Remember tweets must be less than 140 characters and spaces count as characters. More information about Twitter in future blogs.

SCWW secretary – Monet Jones

Arts Alliance Advocacy Day

On Tuesday, February 7, Kim Blum-Hyclack, Pat FitzGerald, Claire Iannini (all from Rock Hill) and I (Columbia) spent the day at the State House participating in the Arts Alliance Advocacy Day in an effort to draw the attention of our state legislators to Bill H.4697, a commonsense approach to funding of the arts in SC (a portion of the current State Admission Tax, levied on admission to concerts, movies, theaters, etc. would be appropriated to SC Arts Commission). Sen. Hayes is introducing a similar bill in the Senate this week.

The point was made time and again that students who have an arts component in their educations make better grades and are more successful after school. Another reiterated fact was a community with a vibrant arts environment is more attractive to prospective businesses looking to set up shop in our state. It seems the arts is good for the individual, community esprit de corps, and business - really a win-win situation.

I urge you to contact your legislators and let them know that these bills are important to you, your community, and the economic health and well being of South Carolina. I'd even go so far as to say the arts are necessary in our lives.

SCWW Scott Lax Wildacres Scholarship

SCWW is pleased to announce the SCWW Scott Lax Wildacres Scholarship.

Wildacres Writers' Workshop is a week-long writing workshop held in Little Switzerland, NC. The views are spectacular and the food is amazing, but the writing experience is one you'll never forget.

Attendees register for one of five (5) workshops - classes for those workshops are held every day. Classes are small, 8-10 attendees, so there is strong, individual critique work for each person. Faculty members are not only generous with their knowledge during class, they are ready to sit on the patio after class or in the evenings and offer more tips and advice. And there is plenty of free time to enjoy the area . . . or just sit and WRITE!

This year's Wildacres Writers' Workshop is July 7-14.

The SCWW Scott Lax Wildacres Scholarship is provided through an anonymous donor and is named for a former WA faculty member. It is for the full tuition for the week.


Eligibility for the SCWW Scott Lax Wildacres Scholarship
* Applicants must be SCWW Members in good standing
* Applicants must be 50 years old or older

Application process - applicants will submit one (1) of the following:
* Poetry - 3 poems
* Creative Nonfiction - up to but no more than 10 pages
* Novel - up to but no more than 10 pages
* Short Story - up to but no more than 10 pages
* Contemporary Commercial Fiction - up to but no more than 10 pages
All prose must be in standard submission format - double-spaced, 1" margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman.

Along with the manuscript or poetry, please include a cover sheet with the following information:
name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, SCWW Chapter affiliation, title of the manuscript or poems, and which class you intend to register for at Wildacres - if chosen as the scholarship winner. Also include a brief essay, 250 words or less, on why you want to attend Wildacres Writers' Workshop.

Applications are now being accepted and the in-hand deadline is March 10, 2012. Any submissions received after March 10 will not be eligible.

Send to Kim Blum-Hyclak, 1315 Treetop Dr., Lancaster, SC 29720

The scholarship recipient will then register for the Wildacres Writers' Workshop. Only the scholarship winner needs to register for Wildacres.

Questions? Contact Kim Blum-Hyclak at

Good luck!