2010 Pitches Cheat Sheet

Pitches: You’ll meet for 10 minutes of one-on-one time with a faculty member. Attendees usually spend about 5 minutes giving their pitch and 5 minutes of getting advice and possibly a request for material! Appointment times will be given to you at when you check in at the registration desk.

1. Richard Morris – Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Science Fiction, Current Affairs Non-fiction, History Non-fiction, Narrative Non-fiction and Politics Non-fiction.

2. Rachelle Gardner – Women’s Fiction, Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Young Adult, Health Non-fiction, Self-help Non-fiction, Memoir and Christian Non-fiction.

3. Josh Adams – Children’s, Middle Grade or Young Adult.

4. Daniela Rapp – Mystery, Thriller, Memoir, Animal Non-fiction, Nature Non-fiction, Travel Non-fiction, Food Non-fiction, Humor Non-fiction, Language and Writing Non-fiction, History Non-Fiction and Native American.

5. Jill Marr – Women’s Fiction, Multi-cultural Fiction, Historic Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Self-help Non-fiction, Inspirational Non-fiction, Cookbook, Memoir (especially Travel or Foodie), Parenting Non-fiction, History Non-fiction, Health and Nutrition Non-fiction, Pop Culture Non-fiction, Humor Non-fiction and Music Non-fiction.

6. Diana Fox – Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Women’s Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Crime Fiction, Graphic Novel, Memoir, Biography and Narrative Non-fiction.

7. Jeff Kleinman – Narrative Non-fiction, Memoir, Health Non-fiction, Parenting Non-fiction, Aging Non-fiction, Nature Non-fiction, Pet Non-fiction, How-to Non-fiction, Science Non-fiction, Politics Non-fiction, Military Non-fiction, Espionage Non-fiction, Equestrian Non-fiction, Biography, Suspense, Thriller (not Mystery), and Literary Fiction.

8. Wendy Sherman – Women’s Fiction, Memoir, Narrative Non-fiction and Prescriptive non-fiction.

9. Roseanne Wells – Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery (not cozy), Narrative Non-fiction, Trade Science, Humor Non-fiction, History Non-fiction, True Crime, Religion, Travel Non-fiction and Food/Cooking Non-fiction.

10. Anna Webman – Historic Fiction, Mainstream Fiction, Middle Grade and Young Adult.

11. Joshilyn Jackson – Women’s Fiction, Romance, Novellas, Short Fiction, Upmarket Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Narrative Non-fiction and Humor Non-fiction.

12. Susan Hawk – Children’s, Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction.

13. Maryglenn McCombs – Mystery, Suspense, Thriller.

14. Caitlin Alexander – most Fiction and Non-fiction, excluding Science Fiction, Fantasy, Self-help Non-fiction and Children’s.

15. Hank Phillippi Ryan – Women’s Fiction, Romance, Suspense and Romantic Suspense.

16. Michelle HowryNon-fiction only – specifically Personal Narrative, Memoir, Health, Self-help, Finance, Psychology, Relationships, Parenting, Foodie, Biography, History and Science and Technology.

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