And the Winners are...

It's hard to believe the SCWW conference is over already! What a great weekend. One of the highlights for me was presenting the 2010 Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Awards. The scores this year were really close so, instead of my being able to figure out which entries were rising to the top, I had to wait until Monday to actually see the results. What a perfect way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the organization and one of its founders, whom the award is named after.
Congratulations to the 2010 Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Award winners

First Place - Joan Reavis Holcomb, Tobacco Settin'/Spring 1950
Second Place - Christina L. Ruotolo, Bayou Bay
Honorable Mention - Alex Raley, Choices

First Place - Lisa Glisson, Divine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood
Second Place - Joann M. Kelley, Anniversary
Honorable Mention - S. Jane Gari, Archeology

Short Fiction
First Place - Teresa L. Burgher, Slayer
Second Place - Connie Hullander, If Something Happens to Him
Honorable Mention - Johnny R. Beavers, Band Candy - Lessons for Life

Novel/First Chapter
First Place - Craig Faris, The Spectrum Conspiracy
Second Place - Anne Creed, Folly Beach
Honorable Mention - Joan Reavis Holcomb, Hunt House Murder

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