Sold Out Appointments

Appointments are really selling this week, especially with the critiques deadline less than a week away. Here's a quick list of faculty who are sold out of specific types of appointments. We're attempting to update the registration system as quickly as possible.

Bernadette Baker-Baughman -- SOLD OUT of Real-Time Query
Sarah LaPolla -- SOLD OUT of Real-Time Query
Toni Plummer -- SOLD OUT of Real-Time Query, Standard Critique
Stephen Barr -- SOLD OUT of Pitch
Stephanie Sun -- SOLD OUT of Pitch
Jim Frenkel -- SOLD OUT of Extended Critique

Also, if you register for more than three of a specific appointment type, be sure to send an email to with the complete list of your top choices, providing one more choice than the number you purchased (in case one of the choices is sold out).
Please, don't attempt to request someone who was not a choice during the registration process. It will be impossible to fill the request.

Finally, if you would like to add an appointment to your registration, please email Do not start a new online registration.

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