And the First Item Up for Bid . . .

Registration for the 21st Annual SCWW Writers' Conference opened at 12:01 this morning and now it's time for the Silent Auction! Well, not exactly right this minute, but things are underway and it's not too early to be thinking about it.

The Silent Auction tables will be crowded with baskets. Some will be spilling over with books in assorted genres, usually at least one for everyone's taste. Some will be stuffed with things only writers appreciate - how-to-books, items for inspiration, reference books. A new Chapter Challenge, Town Proud, will bring baskets filled with books, food, artwork, etc. that will introduce the winners to places throughout South Carolina. Our Chapters dot the state from the coast to the foothills.

And then there are those Silent Auction items that don't fit into baskets. There is usually artwork - sculptures, photography and paintings. In the past we've had special items donated by the Conference faculty, including critiques and signed books. Be watching for the lists of special auction items as we receive them.

We're making some changes this year, including opening the bids earlier and closing them earlier. You'll need to keep an eye on the tables if you want to keep the highest bid on your selection. Look for information about the time changes on our website

The Silent Auction is an important source of income for the SCWW. All items are donated so 100% of the money generated goes directly to our programs - the contests we sponsor, our literary journal, the annual Conference. With arts funding diminishing, the Silent Auction and your support become even more important.

Oh, that first item up for bid? It's a 5 night stay in a beautiful guest house situated on the Cumberland Plateau near Sewanee, TN. Writers have been known to 'get away and write' in the idyllic setting of Three Oaks. Take a virtual tour, then come early and stay late at the Silent Auction. I think this item will be popular.

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