FAQs for Conference Registration

Registration for the 2011 SCWW conference opened June 15. If you haven’t had a chance already, please take a moment and give the sessions, faculty and other offerings a gander. The website, www.myscww.org/conference, has been updated, as has the SCWW blog, www.scwwblog.blogspot.com. To help with the registration process, here’s a couple of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions not covered here, send an email to scwwconference2011@gmail.com or call me, Carrie McCullough, at 706-564-7998.

Q: I want to register for the conference. How do I do it?
A: Registration for the conference is done online, via a conference planning site called eventville.com. There are two links. You’ll need to choose that one that meets your payment choice – credit/debit or check. Those links can be found here: http://myscww.org/conference/.

Q: If I sign up for a critique, when will my appointment be held?
A: This year, we’re moving critique appointment times to Friday. This is to allow more time for attendees to go to sessions, and to offer as many sessions during the conference as possible.

Q: When do I need to get critique materials in by?
A: Attendees who register for a standard or extended critique must mail AND email their materials by September 1, 2011.

Q: Who is offering critiques this year? What about pitches and real-time queries?
A: For a cheat sheet of appointment times, by faculty member, visit this blog post: http://scwwblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/conference-alert-looking-for-some-one.html.

Q: I’m trying to reserve my room at The Hilton. What’s the discount code to get the SCWW block rate?
A: To get our special rate, be sure you use the code SWF.

Q: On the Hilton reservations site, I’m not sure where to put the code. There are several spots for those. Where does our code go?
A: Be sure to use the code in the convention code area. It should be the third box. If you have any trouble doing this online, you can always call the reservations desk at The Hilton. The number and our hotel rates are listed here: http://myscww.org/conference/accommodations.php.

Q: I just talked myself into adding an appointment time or meal ticket. How do I do this?
A: If you’ve already registered, please, don’t go through the registration system again. Instead, please email scwwconference2011@gmail.com. It’s better to email, rather than call, so that we’ll both have a written record of what’s being added.

Q: I know someone who wants to register, but doesn’t have Internet access. How can they register?
A: For registrations that can’t be taken care of online, please print out this page: http://myscww.org/conference/registration-fees.php. Instructions for mailing it in are included at the bottom of the page. You’ll need to mail it to the SCWW general mailbox:
4840 Forest Drive, Suite 6B: PMB 189
Columbia, SC 29206

Q: Speaking of addresses, where do I mail my check, if I’m paying that way?
A: If you’re paying via check, please mail it to the following address, within THREE business day of your registration. Your registration is not complete until we receive payment:
4840 Forest Drive, Suite 6B: PMB 189
Columbia, SC 29206

Q: Where do I mail my critique materials?
A: Please mail your critiques to:
Carrie McCullough
2240 Cadden Road
Augusta, GA 30906

Q: I noticed there’s two rates for each registration item. Why?
A: Attendees who register by September 1, 2011, received a discounted, early bird rate. For a full list of the prices, please visit: http://myscww.org/conference/registration-fees.php.

Q: Are there any changes to the Carrie McCray contest this year?
A: Yes, there are some changes. Please visit the Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Awards page for more information: http://myscww.org/conference/mccray/.

See you in October!

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