The Take Away

I listen to a show on National Public Radio called the Take Away. And these days I’m always thinking about the conference, so I started wondering about the Take Away for conference attendees.

What should you take away from our conference? That depends on you. What are you looking for by attending?

Are you just getting started as a writer and you’re looking for guidance? You’ve got a great idea, great plot and great settings, but now you’re stuck in the middle of your work? Have you finished your manuscript and now you want to know what to do next? Are you trying to sell your manuscript and you’d like to find out exactly how to approach your dream agent?

We’ve got classes to cover all of these subjects and more. For the beginning writer, I suggest courses on character and plot development. There is much to learn and a good place to start is any of the sessions David Coe is presenting. You will also have opportunities to meet and talk to other attendees, many of whom are new to writing as well as conferences. I hope you will find inspiration and encouragement in your interactions with other attendees.

If you’re in the middle of your manuscript, try the sessions on pace, craft or strategy. Lisa Tucker, David Coe and James Frenkel are offering a variety of sessions on these topics. It’s a good place to go if you’re stuck or you need some motivation to keep going.

And if you’re done, first congratulations, I suggest sessions on editing and crafting the perfect query letter or synopsis. All of those topics will be covered by Melissa Jeglinski, Stephanie Sun, Chuck Sambuchino and Conference Chair Carrie McCullough throughout the weekend.

There are also seminars on the business of writing and publishing as well as social media presented by Keynote Speaker M.J. Rose, Jessica Regel and Bill Starr.

Our faculty members were selected based on their ability to offer information and relevant industry information to our attendees. I’ve covered only a sample of the faculty members and courses we’re offering this year, please visit

No matter your needs, any session is a great learning opportunity. I hope that you will take a little time to decide what you hope to gain from the conference, and then plan your time accordingly.

What’s your take away? It depends on you.

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