2011 Conference Countdown Update

It happens every year that I've worked with the SCWW conference. Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, it does. Here's a list of what we're working on and what you have to look forward to this year!

1. We're offering a specific batch of critiques attendees (already registered and those who haven't registered yet) through Sept. 15. If you already purchased a critique, those materials were due Sept. 1. If you haven't submitted your required electronic and hard copies, do so immediately. When you sent in your materials, sent you an email confirming the faculty for your appointment (unless you emailed or mailed a couple of days before Sept. 1. I'm still processing those!). Here's a list of the new critiques we're offering, in random order:

* Sorche Fairbank -- extended and standard critiques
* Jon Sternfeld -- extended and standard critiques
* Melissa Jeglinski -- standard critiques
* Jim Frenkel -- standard critiques
* Molly O'Neill -- extended critiques
* Alyssa Henkin -- standard critiques
* Eddie Schneider -- extended critiques
* Bernadette Baker-Baughman -- one extended critique
* Sarah LaPolla -- standard and extended critiques
* Stephanie Sun --standard and extended critiques
* Jessica Regel -- standard and extended critiques
* Stepehn Barr -- standard critiques

If you've already registered and want to add a critique, email scwwconference2011@gmail.com.

2. We really want to hear from our members! Tell us what you think about what's posted on the SCWW blog. To put our enthusiasm where our typing is, we're having a blog chapter challenge. For the month of September (all posts in September), the chapter with the most comments on the SCWW blog will win a free pitch to be given to the chapter member of its choice. Remember, for your chapter to get credit, you need to mention your chapter in your post. If it catches on, we'll give away something else for October, right before the conference.

3. I'm not sure if you've heard the news, but we have a new keynote for the 2011 conference -- Andrew Gross! The New York Times bestselling author will not only provide a keynote address Saturday night, he's teaching a session Saturday. For more on Mr. Gross, be sure to visit his faculty profile on the conference site, www.myscww.org/conference.

4. And one of our late faculty additions, Mollie Glick is hard at work this weekend helping me iron out a few details on her three sessions. Be sure to check the class descriptions next week for updated titles, but here's a hint -- her Friday session will guide you from putting together your list of who to query all the way to working with an agent to get your book into publication. Her appointment times are sold out, so you'll really want to add her Friday session to your schedule. Already signed up for the conference, but haven't added Friday? Email scwwconference2011@gmail.com and I'll walk you through the process.

5. When it comes to submitting critique materials, you've got to follow the SCWW guidelines. Not sure what that means or where to find the guidelines? Check out the following blog: http://scwwblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/2011-crituque-guidelines-reminder.html. It's incredibly important to follow these rules so everyone gets the most of their appointments. Also, if you registered for a specific faculty member who doesn't accept your genre, we try to catch that and let you know there's a problem. However, be advised that we've got a small group of volunteers and a lot of critique appointments. Do your homework BEFORE you request an appointment.

6. Have you reserved your room for the conference? Part of the way we're able to keep down the cost of the SCWW conference is by agreeing our members will use a specific number of Hilton and Royal Palms rooms. In exchange we get free meeting space and great room rates. So please, keep that in mind when reserving a room. Also, we've gotten a couple more two-bedroom and three-bedroom condos at Royal Palms. With a gaggle of beds, these are great for chapter folks heading down as a group. For rates and our discount code, visit http://myscww.org/conference/accommodations.php.

7. Finally, did you know we don't have a cut-off date on Pitch and Real-Time Query appointment purchases? We'll sell those until we can't sell anymore! So, if you missed your critique faculty dream, you might want to snag one of these. Here's a list of folks what's sold out and what's available:

* Bernadette Baker- Baughman -- Sold out Real-Time Query, One Pitch left!
* Sarah LaPolla -- Sold out Real-Time Query, One Pitch left!
* Toni Plummer -- Sold out Real-Time Query, Pitches available
* Stephen Barr -- Sold out Pitch, no Real-Time Query (check critiques above)
* Stephanie Sun -- Sold out Pitch, Two Real-Time Queries
* Jim Frenkel -- Sold out Real-Time Query, Four Pitches available
* Eddie Schneider -- Sold out Real-Time Query, Five Pitches available
* Alyssa Henkin -- Sold out Real-Time Query, Three Pitches left
* Sorche Fairbank -- Sold out Real-Time Query, Five Pitches left
* Jon Sternfeld -- One Real-Time Query, Two Pitches left!
* Melissa Jeglinski -- Four Real-Time Queries, Four Pitches
* Molly O'Neill -- Three Real-Time Queries, no Pitch
* Jessica Regel -- Three Pitches, No Real-Time Query
* Mollie Glick -- Sold Out of all appointments

Have any questions about the conference? Email scwwconference2011@gmail.com.

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