Building a Solid Weekend – How to Get the Most out of Your Conference Experience Part 4

This is the last entry in my series on Building a Solid Weekend. These blogs have not been meant as a strict curriculum for your conference experience. Rather, I hope I’ve provided you with some guidance on how to structure your time at the conference.

The sessions below are a combination of how to get your manuscript noticed and writing options you may not have considered.

For those of you who are looking for more choices in their writing life, this is for you. We have sessions on how what you already know might turn into a paying writing assignment.

If you’re ready to send your manuscript in to an editor or agent, we have some of the best in the industry to help guide your efforts at query letters as well as sessions on what editors and agents are looking for from new authors.

Above all, we're looking forward to seeing you in Myrtle Beach in October!

Branching Out – Something for every writer

Friday 9:00 –

(1) Know Your Audience: Writing Articles for Magazines, Newspapers and

Websites – Chuck Sambuchino

(2) The Business of Publishing – Jessica Regel

Friday 1:30 –

(1) Being An Expert Pays: Turning Your Expertise Into a Writing

Career – Matthew Frederick

(2) Avoid the Slush: Everything You Need to Know About Agents Before You

Write That Query Letter – Chuck Sambuchino

(3) Nuts and Bolts: Deadlines, Word Counts and Other Things That Drive Us Nuts and Make Us Want to Bolt – David B. Coe

Saturday 9:00 –

(1) Making it to Print (of Sorts): What Does It Take to Get a Review (And Other Media Attention)? – Bill Starr

(2) SLUSH FEST: Literary and Upmarket Fiction – Jon Sternfeld and Stephanie Sun

Saturday 10:30 –

(1) SLUSH FEST: Young Adult & Children’s Titles – Alyssa Henkin and Molly O’Neill

(2) From Employee to Expert: How to Turn Your Job Into a Book – Matthew Frederick

Saturday 1:30 –

(1) Running Away from Home for Profit: Learning the Tricks of Travel Writing – Bill Starr

(2) SLUSH FEST: Science Fiction and Fantasy – Eddie Schneider and James Frenkel

Saturday 3:00 –

(1) Imaginary Worlds: The Differences Agents Consider Between Young Adult and Adult Fiction – Sarah LaPolla

(2) What Editors Want: Professional Writing Practices – Chuck Sambuchino

(3) It’s All in Your Head: How to Get Across High Concepts in a Query – Jon Sterfeld

(4) SLUSH FEST: Mystery and Thriller – Sorche Fairbank and Toni Plummer

(5) I’m Published – Now What? – Bill Starr

Sunday 9:30 –

(1) Out of this World: An Inside Look & Tips of What It Takes to Get a Science Fiction or Fantasy Agent – Eddie Schneider

(2) SLUSH FEST: Romance and Women’s Fiction – Melissa Jeglinski and Jessica Regel

(3) SLUSH FEST: Memoir and Narrative Non-Fiction – Stephen Barr and Bernadette Baker-Baughman

(4) Panel: Agent Vs. Writer (Who’s An Editor) – Sorche Fairbank and Chuck Sambuchino

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