Conference Appointment Update!

Here's a short update of what appointments are still available during the 2011 conference (Oct. 21-23).

Jon Sternfeld -- 1 Pitch
Sarah LaPolla -- 1 Real-Time Query -- JUST OPENED UP
Stephen Barr -- Sold Out of all appointments
Bernadette Baker-Baughman -- Sold Out of all appointments
Sorche Fairbank -- 3 Pitches
Alyssa Henkin -- 5 Pitches
Molly O'Neill - 3 Real-Time Queries
Stephanie Sun -- 2 Real-Time Queries
Jim Frenkel -- 3 Pitches
Eddie Schneider -- 3 Pitches
Melissa Jeglinski -- 5 Pitches, 5 Real-Time Queries
Jessica Regel -- 4 Pitches

If, when you register, you notice the words SOLD OUT next to a faculty name, do not select that name. There is no way to arrange an appointment once a faculty member is SOLD OUT. There is no waiting list.

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